December 01, 2010   7:28pm

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( easy tech )

How to Tweet with Snoety

We see reads, events and happenings everyday that you may be interested in — no, NOT where we lunch (unless it’s spectacularly exceptional)! Here’s how you can follow us on Twitter …

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( easy tech, fashion & beauty ) is the best thing ever

Google’s new online shopping site, shops for you.  It’s still in beta (which means it’s a work in progress), but it works beautifully.  In fact,  you’ll find that you now have your very own virtual stylist … Continue reading “ is the best thing ever”


( food, fitness & health )

Acupuncture for Flu? Yes!

Probably never occurred to you that acupuncture might save you from the flu. Here’s why…

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( travel & work )

Asia Report: Hong Kong

Our intrepid traveler Susan has been busy globe-hopping all year.  Here’s her useful take with tips on Hong Kong:  With its bustling harbor framed by edgy, modern architecture and the natural beauty of the mountain peaks beyond, Hong Kong is a unique sight to behold …

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( fashion & beauty )

Winter-y static-y dry hair? Here’s the fix

The question of winter hair has been posted in “Hair” before for our expert Mario Diab. As the weather gets colder and windier, here’s Mario’s answer updated … Continue reading “Winter-y static-y dry hair? Here’s the fix”


( food, fitness & health )

My favorite holiday soup recipe

Stefanie Sacks, snoety “eating” expert and culinary nutritionist,  gave us this recipe, and it’s been printed here before.  But … I just love it, so am passing it on to you once again … Continue reading “My favorite holiday soup recipe”


( family, friends & you )

Parental care? Be prepared for sibling problems …

With babyboomers’ aging, it’s suddenly a hot topic.  Even the Wall Street Journal has gotten into the act with a feature story and podcast.   What’s causing the sudden attention to this topic … Continue reading “Parental care? Be prepared for sibling problems …”